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Professional Climbing Coach

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Professional Climbing Coaching for all in London and the South East

Jon Redshaw is a Professional Climbing Coach, with over 10 years experience rock climbing and a strong academic and practical background in coaching and Sport Science, we provide Professional Climbing Coaching to all levels; beginner to advanced, whether on plastic or rock.  These sessions can be run either directly or through Onsight Coaching our professional climbing coaching sister site.

Based near Guildford in Godalming, Surrey.  Jon Redshaw can provide climbing coaching throughout London and the South East.  His professional climbing coaching sessions can work on technique, climbing fitness, specific strength for climbing or general conditioning to help training. With detailed knowledge of training and coaching methods he can ensure you achieve your goals. Working alongside leading Health Professionals he can help you rehabilitate from injury and successfully return you to climbing, or manage your training to help reduce the risk of injury.

Climbing Coaching sessions can also include video analysis, nutritional advice or functional tests to assess weaknesses.  Training programs can be written for those who can’t make regular climbing coaching sessions, these include a complete overview of your aims and goals and analysis of what is feasible and a detailed program tailored around your goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Professional climbing coaching sessions can be provided for youth climbers taking their first steps in the sport and ensuring they master key techniques in a fun environment to those who came into the sport late and want to improve quickly.

Rock climbing regularly around the UK, Europe and with regular trip to more exotic destinations, he is a great resource of information on climbing destinations.  Offering you great advice on gear requirements, routes, accommodation and logistics.  Ensuring you are fully prepared for your trip.  Pre trip advice can include technical information and tutoring on anchor setup, self rescue and safety at the crag.  We can also offer pre-trip coaching and provide coaching holidays ensuring you achieve the most from your trip.

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