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In collaboration with Onsight Coaching I offer an exciting range of climbing courses for those wanting to either have a first experience of climbing on rock or work on new techniques and tactics to help them improve. These vary from top roping days on Southern Sandstone, onsight and redpoint tactics in Swanage and Portland to Weekend Trips abroad, climbing the best Spain and France has to offer.

Jon Redshaw Rock Climbing Coaching in the Peak District

Jon Redshaw Rock Climbing in Curbar, Peak District

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Rock Taster Sessions 

A brilliant first introduction to climbing on rock! These classes are designed for those either with no or limited experience of climbing. Based either on the South Coast in either Portland or Swanage, or near Tunbridge Wells on the Southern Sandstone outcrops. These typically half-day top rope based sessions introduce a mix of safety and rock climbing coaching technique based classes, designed to prepare you for your next steps in the climbing world. Learn more at Onsight Coaching

Outdoor Improver Sessions

For those that have climbed either a bit outdoors or predominantly indoors! This day long class aims to work on key outdoor tactics and techniques, allow you to fully appreciate the joys of rock climbing and progress quickly. The sessions can include top roping or leading depending on your experience.  This rock climbing coaching session focuses on more advanced techniques and tactics as well as starting to look at the physiological and psychological side of climbing. With over 10 years of climbing in the South East we can set you up on the best routes and challenges to suite your ability. Learn more at Onsight Coaching

Performance Rock Climbing Coaching

If you’ve already started to love the world of rock climbing these day long workshops will help focus your skills. Identify weakness in technique and tactics and aim to significantly improve your onsight and redpoint climbing. Or if you’ve got a particular project in mind let us combine our tactical and technical advice with training help and tips to help you get it. Learn more at Onsight Coaching

International Climbing Trips

If a day’s outing is not enough for you I can offer Weekend breaks (up to 4 days) introducing you to the joys of continental limestone. Based in key areas such as Costa Blanca, Margalef, Siurana and El Chorro these action packed holidays give you the chance to really work on your weaknesses and start to see real progression in your climbing. Alternatively if you’ve already got a holiday booked, I can assist as a coach and mentor to ensure you get the most out of the trip. Learn more at Onsight Coaching

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